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No Booth No Company Name URL Exhibit Item
267 E319 3C Tae Yang www.tae-yang.co.kr .
266 I274 3D Fusion Industry Association / HONGIK Univ. . .
265 D184 3D Printing Sector Council www.3dfia.org
264 S134 AIRTEC www.airtecair.com UFO AIRPURIFIER
263 C661 AIRVITA CO. ,LTD www.airvita.net
262 S127 AKER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. www.aker.com.tw/ Crystal Oscillators
261 E620 All4chips https://www.todaychips.com/ Online site of 'Todaychips'
260 E264 ANYTEK TECHNOLOGY www.anytekkorea.com
259 I280 APSUNINC www.apsunfit.com AFTERSHOKZ
258 A147 Auto Connector.,lnc www.autoconnector.co.kr/ iphone magnetic convertor
257 C370 BallReady, inc. www.BallReady.com Smart Pet Care BallReady STS 505
256 C370 BECS Inc. www.becscorp.co.kr .
255 E716 BestBright Electronics Co., Ltd www.brightking.com
254 S114 BESTJOB CO., LTD. www.bestjob.com.tw DC/DC Converter
253 A159 BH acoustel www.bhacoustel.com Speaker Unit

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