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Basic Info

KOMATECH Co.,Ltd. LOGO Company
Address 415-010 62-16,19th st. Gamjeong-ro, Gimpo-si, Gyounggi-do, Korea Website www.myfreedy.com
Tel 82-31-988-1100 Fax 82-31-997-7900
Year of Exhibition 2017 Booth No. C562
Pavilion IT Convergence Exhibit Item FREEDY, Freedy Wireless Charger

Company Introduction

KOMATECH Co.,Ltd is established in 1995 and has been manufactured various types of antennas with its own brand name. The research and development center has been operated from 2002.
Especially in the case of wireless charging,Not only constantly upgrading our existing magnetic induction-driven wireless charging, we also strive to
develop and commercialize new technologies in magnetic resonance field, such as a wireless

Product Introduction